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Highly specialized cleaning company that provides bio-hazardous waste removal.

    Compassionate and Discreet

    • Available 24/7
    • Discrete
    • * Covered by Homeowners Insurance*
    • Locally owned/operated
    • Licensed and Insured
  • Southwest Bioclean offers discrete and efficient remediation services in which a deceased individual is found in a home, office, vehicle etc. for a period of time ranging from time of death to up to weeks or even months.
  • We are both discreet and compassionate, not talking to the media, providing privacy for the families and property managers.

What do we do?

    • Our team is trained to deal with the scene in which a body has been decomposing for long periods of time. The human (or animal carcass) body releases a foul odor which completely penetrates materials such as carpet, walls, furniture and even air ducts. It takes specialized equipment and knowledge to rid the area of these powerful odors.
    • Another dilemma that happens is the accumulation of flies that cross contaminate every square inch of the home, office, or vehicle. This is one of many perfect examples of why a professional must be called to restore the scene back to its original state.
    • We Thoroughly clean and disinfect every inch of surface that may have possible contamination with cleaning disinfectants that are highly effective against many harmful bloodborne pathogens such as HIV-1 (AIDS virus), poliovirus type 1 tuberculosis, and Hepatitis A.
      • Our supplies also meet CDC, EPA and OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standards.

Why not to do it yourself

    • Physical Risks: Attempting to clean up bio-hazardous material such as blood and body tissue can lead to possible infection from blood-borne pathogens such as HIV and Hepatitis.
    • Emotional Risks: Cleaning up the aftermath of such damaging events can lead to life long traumatic scarring. Never let family members or your employees clean up these scenes.
      • Please call us and allow a trained professional to properly clean the scene.
    • Legal Risks: Though they may be thorough with maintenance cleaning, janitorial staff do not have the knowledge or equipment to properly decontaminate bio-hazardous material. Having staff perform this task may lead to legal implications as it is a health risk to the staff  and to the following tenants if not cleaned properly.
      • Southwest Bioclean has been trained in the proper cleanup and disposal of `biohazardous material. Please call XXX for more information.

What About Cost

    • Most cases are covered through homeowners, business or auto insurance policies, this means that there is almost very little to no out of pocket costs to the homeowner.


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