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Our Services

Southwest Bioclean is a Las Cruces based, family owned and operated small business. We are dedicated to keeping Southern New Mexico and surrounding areas safe after traumatic events by providing professional biohazard cleanup services.

We are certified, trained, insured, and bonded to perform the following services:

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose us?

Southwest Bioclean is a locally owned company specifically trained in addressing sites contaminated by biohazardous material such as blood, fecal mater, and more. We provide services that are prompt, discrete, compassionate, and thorough after traumatic events.

What are the risks of attempting to clean myself?

It is not recommended for untrained family members or janitorial staff to attempt to clean and disinfect these Traumatic scenes due to the following risks:


Possible exposure to dangerous material and diseases. Biohazardous remediation professionals are trained to use the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) and follow strict protocols to address these dangerous scenarios. 


There can be extreme emotional trauma cleaning up after traumatic events, especially if it is after the loss of a loved one. Please allow trained professionals to address the situation.


Asking janitorial staff who do not have proper training to clean biohazardous material puts not only themselves at risk but also future tenants in contracting disease such as HIV, or Hepatitis (to name a few) if the scene wasn’t decontaminated properly. This can ultimately lead massive lawsuits.

Use Southwest Bioclean, a certified, insured, and bonded biohazard remediation company to limit YOUR liability when it comes to these rare and special situations.

How about the cost?

Most cases are covered under homeowners, business, and auto insurance policies.

Available 24/7
(575) 322-1100

Service Areas

Operating from Las Cruces, NM, we are Southern New Mexico local and service the following areas:

Las Cruces, NM Bio Cleanup Services

Alamogordo, NM Bio Cleanup Services

Truth or Consequences, NM Bio Cleanup Services

Ruidoso, NM Bio Cleanup Services

Deming, NM Bio Cleanup Services

Socorro, NM Bio Cleanup Services

Anthony, NM Bio Cleanup Services

Hatch, NM Bio Cleanup Services

El Paso, TX Bio Cleanup Services

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