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Suicide Cleanup Services in Las Cruces

Las Cruces Suicide cleanup Services

Certified and Compassionate

    • Suicide Cleanup services in Las Cruces and all surrounding areas
    • Available 24/7
    • Discrete
    • * Covered by Homeowners Insurance*
    • Locally owned/operated
    • Licensed and Insured

Are you in need of suicide cleanup services in Las Cruces, please call or text me directly at 575-322-1100 for immediate response service. We are located here in the heart of Las Cruces and can be anywhere in town in minutes.

Suicides are one of the most traumatic events that anyone can go through, and cleaning up after a loved one is even worse. These scenes are usually left with blood, and other bio-matter and cannot be unseen. So please keep away from the area and allow my small family run company to help your family in this time of need. 

  • What do we do?
      • .
      • SWB arrives on scene as soon as possible with compassion to assess the situation and create a plan to remediate the property.
      • Southwest Bioclean is professionally certified, insured and bonded to clean and disinfect following OSHA standards.
        • For more information click on the following link
  • Reasons to hire a local Las Cruces Suicide cleanup company.
    • Located in the heart of Las Cruces (Foothills area)
    • Rapid response time (Typically within an hour inside Dona Ana County)


  • No need to do work yourself
    • Most HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE does cover these situations
    • Do not allow family members or friends to clean these areas because these traumatic scenes can never be unseen. 
  • Property Managers
    • Most PROPERTY INSURANCE covers these situations
    • No need to take on liability in case maintenance crews or future renters get sick (bloodborne pathogens).
  • Costs
      • This means that there is almost very little to no out of pocket costs to the homeowner. 
      • If for some reason your special case does not get covered, we will 100% work with you. Our first priority will always be to serve our community!
  • Other Resources
    • Several resources exist for suicide attempt survivors and family/friends of those who have committed suicide. Some local and national resources are listed below.
      • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
      • New Mexico Crisis and Access Line (hot-line)
        • 1-855-662-7474
        • TTY number is 1-855-227-5485
      • Las Cruces Suicide Survivors Support Group:
        • 575-635-6265
      • Southern New Mexico Suicide Prevention and Survivor Support Coalition
        • Rev. Margaret I. Short at 575-521-5579
      • Grief Share (Grief support groups that meet weekly)
        • Real Life Church – 575-524-7658
        • First Baptist Church – 575-524-3691b
      • Mental Health Local Resources: Doña Ana County


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